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Our new ferry Sea Star is now at Wallaroo, undergoing final preparations for commencement of service on Friday 9th December. 

The online system is now open for reservations, or phone the booking office on (08) 8823 0777 where our friendly staff are standing by to assist.

With the arrival of Sea Star at our Wallaroo Terminal, we are happy to announce that our first day of sailing will be Friday 9th December 2016 at 8am from Wallaroo.

simon ready to take bookings




Simone is ready to take your call and answer any questions you may have.

seastar at luckybay


Sea Star has made her 24 day voyage from China to Lucky Bay arriving early this morning.
She will spend a few days at Lucky Bay before being sailed across the gulf to her home in Wallaroo.

‘We just have some tidying up, cleaning and crew training to prepare before the official start’ Sea SA managing director, Stephanie Dawson said.
Bookings for the service will commence by the end of the week.

Sea Star August 2016


The new 60m SeaSA Ferry “Sea Star”, designed and built by Sea Transport Corporation, has successfully completed all mandatory sea trails in China and will shortly commence the delivery voyage to South Australia.

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